Monday, April 6, 2009


So... I have been sick the past few days... Probably just a head cold, but it has taken the life right out of me. I slept almost all day Sunday, and then when it was time to sleep at 10:00, I was wide awake, and only got 30 minutes of sleep due to feeling icky and sleeping all day. Fun, I know. So, I took the day off of work today. Slept for a little while, and I am on the way to good health! :)

But one nice thing about being sick is having your fiance come over and take care of you... PERKS!!! haha!

But I had a pleasant surprise when Shelbee came over. The kids in her classroom wrote me Get Well cards!! They are so sweet. Here are some of them:

"to. mr.usall: Git wal" (She even spelled my name on the's funny to see the variations)

"to Mr. Russle: thank you for all you do for us. get well soon"

"To: Mr Russell: I hope you have a nice day" (I dont think she understood what kind of card it was. :) )

"Dear, Mr. Russell: I hope you feel better."

"Dear Mr. Russell: I hope you fill beater." (Yikes!) :)

"Dear mr. Russell. I hope you get better soon. " (She then drew a picture of us as stick figures)

"Dear Mr. Russle I am so sorry that you are sick. Get well soon."

"To Mr. Russell: I hope I see you tomo. (translation: I hope I see you tomorrow)

"Dear Mr. Russle: I hop you get beta soon."

Now aren't those adorable?? Ms. Forston has some great 2nd graders! :)


Jill said...

Awww, how sweet! Feel better, Evan-pooey!

Dina said...

lol....those are just too cute! I love them! And I too hope you are feeling beater!!! :)